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Blogging is my forte and I do a lot of it for diverse clients. But the other formats of content I also help create sharpen my skills  and increase my versatility as a writer.

This portfolio contains a good variety of blog posts of different strategies, structures, and lengths … as well as a lot of other content formats I have worked with that add up to a substantial repertoire.

Contents of this portfolio

    • Portfolio Item 1: SEO Content Blog Post Aimed At Rankings
    • Portfolio Item 2: “Ultimate Guide” Blog Post of 5000+ words
    • Portfolio Item 3: “Concept-Clarifier” Blog Post of 4000+ words
    • Portfolio Item 4: “Engaging-Listicle” Blog Post of 3000+ words
    • Portfolio Item 5: “Case-Studies” Blog Post of 2000+ words
    • Portfolio Item 6: “How-To” Blog Post of 1000+ words
    • Portfolio Item 7: “Review-Interview” Blog Post of 750+ words
    • Portfolio Item 8: “FAQ-Style” Blog Post of 500+ words
    • Portfolio Item 9: Mini Ebook For Lead Magnets
    • Portfolio Item 10: Full-Length Ebook for Online Sale
    • Portfolio Item 11: Email Sequence Format (simple 3-email set)
    • Portfolio Item 12: Email Newsletter Format (periodic bulletins)
    • Portfolio Item 13: Short Form Social Media Posts
    • Portfolio Item 14: Visually-Led Social Media Posts
    • Portfolio Item 15: Video Script Example
    • Portfolio Item 16: Podcast Summary Example
    • Portfolio Item 17: Press Release Example
    • Portfolio Item 18: Personal Bios Example
    • Portfolio Item 19: Product Landing Page Example
    • Portfolio Item 20: Medium-Length Case Study Example
    • Portfolio Item 21: Whitepaper Example
    • Portfolio Item 22: Slide Presentation Example

Blog Post Variations

Portfolio Item 1:
SEO Content Post
For Rankings

Small Business Marketing Guide (Yes, With A Clear Roadmap!)

Portfolio Item 1 - SEO Blog Post

SEO Content Writing is blogging solely for ranking in search engines.

Portfolio Item 2:
“Ultimate Guide” Post
5000+ words

Mompreneurs: A Guide To Making Both Life And Business Rewarding

Portfolio Item 2 - Ultimate Guide Blog Post

The “Ultimate Guide” blog post: Readers simply love this format for its depth.

Portfolio Item 3:
Post: 4000+ words

Business Burnout: Signs, Signals, And Soothing First-Aid

Portfolio Item 3 - Concept Clarifier Blog Post

The “Concept-Explainer” blog post: offers both knowledge and action tips

Portfolio Item 4:
Post: 3000+ words

5 Ways To Steal Your Competitor’s Thunder In Digital Marketing

Portfolio Item 4 - Engaging Listicle Blog Post

The “Engaging-Listicle” blog post: it must be educative and entertaining

Portfolio Item 5:
Post: 2000+ words

Social Reputation Recovery From Setbacks: 3 Terrific Examples

Portfolio Item 5 - Case Studies Blog Post

The “Case-Studies” blog post: ideal for problem-solution examples

Portfolio Item 6:
Post 1000+ words

How To Write Eminently Scannable Content: 8 Terrific Tips

Portfolio Item 6 - How-To Blog Post

The “How-To” blog post: every point made easily actionable

Portfolio Item 7:
Post: 750+ words

Sticky Branding by Jeremy Miller: Book Review And Chat

Portfolio Item 7 - Review-Interview Blog Post

A “Review & Interview” blog post: for showcasing products and their owners

Portfolio Item 8:
“FAQ-Style” Blog
Post: 500+ words

“Why Is My Social Engagement So High, But Sales So Poor?”

Portfolio Item 8 - FAQ-Style Blog Post

The “FAQ-Style” blog post: to-the-point answers must be data-driven

Ebooks Variations

Portfolio Item 9:
Mini Lead Magnet

How To Find Bloggers In Your Niche: Power Outreach

Portfolio Item 9 - Mini Ebook

The “Free-Download” ebook format: an ideal length to use as a giveaway

Portfolio Item 10:
Full Length Ebook

Knowledge Commerce: Monetize Your Expertise

Portfolio Item 10 - Full Length Ebook

The “Full-Length” ebook format: for selling from your site or Amazon

Email Sequences and Newsletters

Portfolio Item 11:
Email Sequence

3-Email Sequence To Launch A Videography Course

Portfolio Item 11- Email Sequences

Email sequences are perfect to nudge people towards taking decisions

Portfolio Item 12:
Email Newsletter

My Own Weekly Newsletter - The ContenTrackr

Portfolio Item 12 - Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are engaging when curated as “themed-mini-magazines”

Social Posts Variations

Portfolio Item 13:
Short Form Social Posts

A Variety Of Short Posts For Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Portfolio Item 13 - Short Social Posts

Short social posts need to enhance branding and be innovative to engage

Portfolio Item 14:
Long Form Social Posts

Longer Form Posts For Pinterest and Instagram

Portfolio Item 14 - Long Social Posts

Long form social posts can be engaging infographics or influencer posts

Videos & Podcasts Support

Portfolio Item 15:
Video Script

Video Script For Interview With An Instagram Influencer

Portfolio Item 15 - Video Script

My simple 5-Step video script works for YouTube/course videos 

Portfolio Item 16:
Podcast Summary

Podcast Summary For Burning Bachelor Bart’s Show

Portfolio Item 16 - Podcast Summary

Concise podcast summaries must still reflect the podcaster’s flair

Press Releases & Personal Bios

Portfolio Item 17:
Press Release Example

Press Release To Announce A Joint Venture

Portfolio Item 17 - Press Release Example

Factual news about innovations are what makes good press releases

Portfolio Item 18:
Personal Bios Example

Personal Bio For A PTSD Expert's Initiative

Portfolio Item 18 - Personal Bios Example

Personal bios must be succinct while perfectly positioning your branding

Product Pages & Case Studies

Portfolio Item 19:
Product Pages Example

Product Page For A Self-Teaching Spinal Yoga Video Course

Portfolio Item 19 - Product Pages Example

Product pages, critical to sales, must inform but not distract 

Portfolio Item 20:
Case Studies Example

Case Study Of A Beer Brand That Grew From Old To Young

Portfolio Item 20 - Case Study Example

Case studies involve problem-solution storytelling – with results

WhitePapers & Slide Decks

Portfolio Item 21:
Whitepaper Sample

Whitepaper For A Solar Energy Advisory Business

Portfolio Item 21 - Whitepaper Sample

Whitepapers must be authoritative for decision-support

Portfolio Item 22:
Slide Presentation

PPT presentation on Purchase Funnels Content

Portfolio Item 22 - Slide Deck Example

Slide decks for presentations should be visual aids to ideas

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