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I write for personal brands, product brands, service brands, company brands, purpose brands and C-Suite brands.

In each case, it’s not just the end result you may want to see, but how I applied my thinking process to preserve the integrity of the brands that gave me the assignment to strategize and develop content. for their brands.

That’s why these portfolio samples are nestled into small case studies.

Contents of this portfolio

    • Portfolio Item 1: SEO Content Blog Post Aimed At Rankings
    • Portfolio Item 2: “Ultimate Guide” Blog Post of 5000+ words
    • Portfolio Item 3: “Concept-Clarifier” Blog Post of 4000+ words
    • Portfolio Item 4: “Engaging-Listicle” Blog Post of 3000+ words
    • Portfolio Item 5: “Case-Studies” Blog Post of 2000+ words
    • Portfolio Item 6: “How-To” Blog Post of 1000+ words
    • Portfolio Item 7: “Review-Interview” Blog Post of 750+ words
    • Portfolio Item 8: “FAQ-Style” Blog Post of 500+ words
    • Portfolio Item 9: Mini Ebook For Lead Magnets
    • Portfolio Item 10: Full-Length Ebook for Online Sale
    • Portfolio Item 11: Email Sequence Format (simple 3-email set)
    • Portfolio Item 12: Email Newsletter Format (periodic bulletins)
    • Portfolio Item 13: Short Form Social Media Posts
    • Portfolio Item 14: Visually-Led Social Media Posts
    • Portfolio Item 15: Video Script Example
    • Portfolio Item 16: Podcast Summary Example
    • Portfolio Item 17: Press Release Example
    • Portfolio Item 18: Personal Bios Example
    • Portfolio Item 19: Product Landing Page Example
    • Portfolio Item 20: Medium-Length Case Study Example
    • Portfolio Item 21: Whitepaper Example
    • Portfolio Item 22: Slide Presentation Example

Personal Brand Blogs

Portfolio Item 1:
Blog Post For A Small Business Consultant

Small Business Marketing Guide (Yes, With A Clear Roadmap!)


SEO Content Writing is blogging solely for ranking in search engines.

Portfolio Item 2:
“Ultimate Guide” Post
5000+ words

Mompreneurs: A Guide To Making Both Life And Business Rewarding

Portfolio Item 2 - Ultimate Guide Blog Post

The “Ultimate Guide” blog post: Readers simply love this format for its depth.

Portfolio Item 3:
Post: 4000+ words

Business Burnout: Signs, Signals, And Soothing First-Aid

Portfolio Item 3 - Concept Clarifier Blog Post

The “Concept-Explainer” blog post: offers both knowledge and action tips

Portfolio Item 4:
Post: 3000+ words

5 Ways To Steal Your Competitor’s Thunder In Digital Marketing

Portfolio Item 4 - Engaging Listicle Blog Post

The “Engaging-Listicle” blog post: it must be educative and entertaining

Portfolio Item 5:
Post: 2000+ words

Social Reputation Recovery From Setbacks: 3 Terrific Examples

Portfolio Item 5 - Case Studies Blog Post

The “Case-Studies” blog post: ideal for problem-solution examples

Portfolio Item 6:
Post 1000+ words

How To Write Eminently Scannable Content: 8 Terrific Tips

Portfolio Item 6 - How-To Blog Post

The “How-To” blog post: every point made easily actionable

Portfolio Item 7:
Post: 750+ words

Sticky Branding by Jeremy Miller: Book Review And Chat

Portfolio Item 7 - Review-Interview Blog Post

A “Review & Interview” blog post: for showcasing products and their owners

Portfolio Item 8:
“FAQ-Style” Blog
Post: 500+ words

“Why Is My Social Engagement So High, But Sales So Poor?”

Portfolio Item 8 - FAQ-Style Blog Post

The “FAQ-Style” blog post: to-the-point answers must be data-driven

Ebooks Variations

Portfolio Item 9:
Mini Lead Magnet

How To Find Bloggers In Your Niche: Power Outreach

Portfolio Item 9 - Mini Ebook

The “Free-Download” ebook format: an ideal length to use as a giveaway

Portfolio Item 10:
Full Length Ebook

Knowledge Commerce: Monetize Your Expertise

Portfolio Item 10 - Full Length Ebook

The “Full-Length” ebook format: for selling from your site or Amazon

Email Sequences and Newsletters

Portfolio Item 11:
Email Sequence

3-Email Sequence To Launch A Videography Course

Portfolio Item 11- Email Sequences

Email sequences are perfect to nudge people towards taking decisions

Portfolio Item 12:
Email Newsletter

My Own Weekly Newsletter - The ContenTrackr

Portfolio Item 12 - Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are engaging when curated as “themed-mini-magazines”

Social Posts Variations

Portfolio Item 13:
Short Form Social Posts

A Variety Of Short Posts For Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Portfolio Item 13 - Short Social Posts

Short social posts need to enhance branding and be innovative to engage

Portfolio Item 14:
Long Form Social Posts

Longer Form Posts For Pinterest and Instagram

Portfolio Item 14 - Long Social Posts

Long form social posts can be engaging infographics or influencer posts

Videos & Podcasts Support

Portfolio Item 15:
Video Script

Video Script For Interview With An Instagram Influencer

Portfolio Item 15 - Video Script

My simple 5-Step video script works for YouTube/course videos 

Portfolio Item 16:
Podcast Summary

Podcast Summary For Burning Bachelor Bart’s Show

Portfolio Item 16 - Podcast Summary

Concise podcast summaries must still reflect the podcaster’s flair

Press Releases & Personal Bios

Portfolio Item 17:
Press Release Example

Press Release To Announce A Joint Venture

Portfolio Item 17 - Press Release Example

Factual news about innovations are what makes good press releases

Portfolio Item 18:
Personal Bios Example

Personal Bio For A PTSD Expert's Initiative

Portfolio Item 18 - Personal Bios Example

Personal bios must be succinct while perfectly positioning your branding

Product Pages & Case Studies

Portfolio Item 19:
Product Pages Example

Product Page For A Self-Teaching Spinal Yoga Video Course

Portfolio Item 19 - Product Pages Example

Product pages, critical to sales, must inform but not distract 

Portfolio Item 20:
Case Studies Example

Case Study Of A Beer Brand That Grew From Old To Young

Portfolio Item 20 - Case Study Example

Case studies involve problem-solution storytelling – with results

WhitePapers & Slide Decks

Portfolio Item 21:
Whitepaper Sample

Whitepaper For A Solar Energy Advisory Business

Portfolio Item 21 - Whitepaper Sample

Whitepapers must be authoritative for decision-support

Portfolio Item 22:
Slide Presentation

PPT presentation on Purchase Funnels Content

Portfolio Item 22 - Slide Deck Example

Slide decks for presentations should be visual aids to ideas

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