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I grew from being a copywriter in global ad agencies into senior agency management. From there I went into high-profile digital entrepreneurship, then global consulting, and then online solopreneurship.

I’m now a Content Strategist and a Freelance SEO Content Writing Pro.

Been there, done that

In the first 17 years of my career, I held positions with three multinational advertising agencies – Ogilvy & Mather, J Walter Thompson, and Lintas Lowe.

In the next 6 years, I achieved success and international acclaim as an entrepreneur. I became the Founder and CEO of my own avant-garde digital content and brand experience innovations company, Avigna Technologies. World-leading industry giants and financial entities invested in us. I had nearly 150 employees of high caliber. We were hell-bent on producing first-of-a-kind web projects and even won the Cannes Lions Award 2000 for web innovations.

Been There, Done That

In the following 10 years or so, I became an independent digital marketing specialist/consultant for mid-to-large-sized corporates and disruptive entrepreneurial clients in the US, UK, and India.

I then felt a yen to start online businesses – so I started three of them in succession in 7 years – first, a course-based membership site, then an eCommerce site selling info products, and finally, a community bonding site for solopreneurs.

As you stay with the process – any process – you are powerfully amplifying and affirming (via actions, not words) your intention to receive miracles. The Universe will notice your persistence and readiness for a promotion. You will not be able to second-guess when or even what may come as results. Often it will be far beyond what you may have thought. Miracles happen .. but not in the way you think.

Shobha Ponnappa

A product of experience

Like everyone else, I too am a product of the experience and expertise I gathered across the years. For me, my forte has evolved as a deep understanding of both Brand Marketing and Content Marketing. 

I understand the desires and pain points of both very small and very big businesses and their brands. More importantly, I understand online consumer psychology.

A Product Of Experience

My writing repertoire has examples of the kinds of brand challenges I have come across – handling personal brands, product brands, service brands, company brands, purpose brands, and C-Suite brands.

By popular demand I also translated my knowledge and expertise into an Academy for Entrepreneur-Bloggers and Freelance SEO Writers. To share everything I know gives me immense happiness beyond money. It’s my “why”.

Credentials matter too

In a world that demand social proof, every qualification adds to client reassurance. That’s why I wear these badges of education proudly. 

An MBA Degree in Marketing from the University of Wales, UK. A SmartBlogger Certification in Content Marketer. A Content Marketing Certification from Hubspot, And an SEO Copywriting Certication form Yoast. It’s who trained you that matters.

MBA in Marketing - University of Wales, UK
SmartBlogger Content Marketing Certificate
Hubspot Content Marketing Certificate
Yoast SEO Copywriting Certificate

Counting wealth in contacts

Every contact is worth its weight in gold. Freelance writing allows me the luxury to come across a lot of different people and to see and enjoy the variety of the human race.

I enjoy the writing, the relationships, and the win-win we can generate that produces greater happiness all around. The expansion of happiness is the principle.

Count Wealth In Contacts

That’s why I don’t prioritize pricey projects and turn away the low-priced ones. I take on projects depending on how much I can really help rather than by how much clients pay me. I get my mojo when I can increase both my happiness and my client’s happiness.

The same principle of building lifelong frienships applies to people I train or coach. Many of my students have become my competitors – but I celebrate their victories as my own.

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