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About Shobha Ponnappa


Long ago, I adopted a mantra: “If you aren’t unusual, you’re less than usual.” I’ve never looked back.

Dive into my 40-yr advertising journey & content strategy. Discover my “unusual” approach, cross-sector versatility. Shape your brand legacy.

I grew from being a copywriter in global ad agencies into senior agency management. From there, I went into high-profile digital entrepreneurship, international consulting, and online solopreneurship.

I’m now a Content/Brand Strategist and SEO/UX Writer, helping diverse businesses and brands aspire and grow bigger through brand differentiation. 

My journey, philosophy, and versatility

Welcome to my About Page – a big “Hello!” from me, Shobha Ponnappa.

In my expansive career spanning 40+ years, three pillars have continuously evolved and strengthened: my journey, philosophy, and versatility.

Each stage of my odyssey, from advertising and brand building to digital and content marketing, has shaped my unique philosophy. It has fostered a penchant for the unconventional. Simultaneously, the diverse industries I’ve navigated have honed my adaptability, allowing me to craft distinct brand success stories across varied industry sectors. 

But let’s start at the beginning …

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The winding path that led to me to craft brand legacies

1. Been there, done that

Been There, Done That


In the first 17 years of my career, I held positions with three multinational advertising agencies – Ogilvy, J Walter Thompson, and Lowe Lintas. Starting as a cub copywriter, I rose to become a Creative Director handling global megabrands.

One thing I realized about myself in those years was that I was never satisfied with being the usual. I had to find highly differentiated ideas to go home satisfied from a day’s work.


In the next 6 years, I achieved success and international acclaim as an entrepreneur. I became the Founder and CEO of my avant-garde digital content and brand experience innovations company, Avigna Technologies.

World-leading tech giants and financial entities invested in us. The company had nearly 150 employees of high caliber and consistently produced first-of-a-kind web projects.

It was even adjudged a Finalist at the Cannes Lions Award 2000 for web innovations. It was an exhilarating ride.


In the following 10 years, I became an independent digital marketing specialist/consultant for mid-to-large-sized corporates and disruptive entrepreneurial clients in the US, UK, and India.

I perfected my approach to offer breakthrough digital and content marketing solutions. I looked for businesses with audacity and a thirst to rise above the crowd. I helped them be seen, heard, and rewarded for their offbeat strategies.


I also started three online solopreneur businesses in succession in 7 years to get a hands-on feel of how it feels to be in the cut and thrust of the online marketplace.

My first startup was a course-based membership site. Then I tried my hand at starting an eCommerce site selling info products. And finally, I built a community bonding site for solopreneurs.

All this was priceless practical experience gained in the trenches. It took continuous learning and experimenting … and growth hacking. Nothing came easy, and invariably, I had to break the mold to succeed.


The journey of four decades of being in this space has blessed me with a philosophy and a versatility that few are lucky to have. Pulling everything I have learned, enjoyed, and perfected, I have found the sweet spot … the specific kind of work I could do, day in and day out, without ever losing my mojo.

I love strategizing for brands with challenges and letting my brainstorms then blossom into dozens of content ideas for execution. I can never tire of this. Work doesn’t feel like work. I’m in a delicious place … and, happily, I’m keeping all my clients in this ideas-heaven with me.

2. Credentials matter too

MBA in Marketing - University of Wales, UK
SmartBlogger Content Marketing Certificate
Hubspot Content Marketing Certificate
Yoast SEO Copywriting Certificate

Every qualification adds to client reassurance in a world that demands social proof. That’s why I wear these badges of education proudly. 

An MBA Degree in Marketing from the University of Wales, UK. A SmartBlogger Certification as a Content Marketer. A Content Marketing Certification from Hubspot. An SEO Copywriting Certification from Yoast. It’s who trained you that matters.

3. Counting wealth in contacts

Wealth of Contacts

Every contact is worth its weight in gold. My career path has allowed me the luxury to come across many different clients and businesses and to see and enjoy the variety of the human race. 

I’ve seen big players at work and small ones too. Self-limitation is common to both. Small businesses need to break out their smallness mindsets to think “let’s get audacious like the big”. Big businesses need to break out of their bigness mindsets to think “let’s become crafty like the small”. 

I enjoy the writing, the relationships, and the win-win we can generate for small businesses and brands with lofty mindsets. Big thinking produces greater happiness all around. The expansion of happiness is the principle.

The same principle of building lifelong friendships applies to people I train, coach, or partner with. Expanding people’s visions and spurring them to be more ambitious achievers makes me want to celebrate their victories as my own.

4. See if you agree with me

Shobha Ponnappa

The businesses that invest in brand distinction, and strategically build it, are the ones we always remember. They’re the ones we come winging back to – and buy from or work with again and again. That’s because by successfully articulating and demonstrating their differentiated authority, they’ve won our trust, admiration and loyalty as consumers.

My philosophy of being unusual ... why it always works

1. The magnetic pull of the uncommon

Magnetic Pull of the Uncommon

In a world saturated with uniformity, what stands apart often becomes a point of intrigue. Just like a rare artifact in a museum captures more attention than the commonplace, a brand that dares to be unusual automatically garners interest.

This isn’t just about being different for the sake of it but rather about finding and flaunting that unique essence that resonates with an audience’s unmet desires or unspoken emotions.

When a brand carves out its distinctive niche, it grabs attention and builds a stronger, more profound connection with its audience. This depth of connection fosters an environment where customers feel seen and understood, allowing for greater brand loyalty and repeat interactions.

Over time, this distinctiveness becomes a brand’s signature, setting an unmistakable identity in a vast marketplace.

2. Breaking the predictability barrier

Breaking the Predictability Barrier

The digital landscape, filled with repeated patterns and formulas, often leads to consumer fatigue. Predictable content, strategies, and branding can become invisible in the eyes of an audience accustomed to monotony.

Embracing the philosophy of being unusual jolts the audience out of this apathy. It offers them something refreshing, something they haven’t encountered before, renewing their engagement and ensuring they remember and talk about what they’ve experienced.

This sense of renewed engagement acts as a rejuvenator, reigniting the spark and curiosity within consumers.

Brands that successfully break from predictability retain their existing audience and pique the interest of newer demographics.

3. Genuine connections in a skeptical world

Making Genuine Connections in a Skeptical World

In the age of information overload, consumers have become incredibly discerning and skeptical. They can spot inauthenticity from a mile away and quickly disengage from disingenuous brands.

When rooted in authenticity, an unusual approach signals to the audience that a brand is genuine in its intentions and offerings.

This isn’t about adopting a facade of uniqueness but uncovering the authentic core of a brand’s identity and presenting it unabashedly to the world.

Such genuineness fosters trust, laying the foundation for lasting brand loyalty. As this trust grows, it cultivates a bond between brand and consumer, transforming mere transactions into cherished relationships.

4. Turning audiences into ambassadors

Turning Audiences into Ambassadors

An unusual brand not only attracts attention but also spurs conversations. People are naturally inclined to share what surprises, delights, or challenges their conventional thinking.

When a brand adopts a philosophy that deviates from the norm, it gets noticed and talked about.

These organic conversations are invaluable word-of-mouth marketing, turning casual observers into staunch brand ambassadors.

The ripple effect of such advocacy can exponentially expand a brand’s reach and influence. In an age where every consumer has a platform through social media, the amplification potential of such conversations can catapult a brand to new heights, solidifying its place in the market and the hearts of its audience.

My cross-sector versatility ... it's better than specialization

1. Answering the frequently asked query

Answering the frequently asked query

A question I often encounter from potential clients is, “Which sectors or industries are you good at?” It’s a valid query, reflecting a desire to understand if there’s a niche or a specific focus.

However, my strength doesn’t lie in mastering one domain but in seamlessly navigating many. This expansive experience isn’t just about gaining familiarity but delving deep into the intricate nuances of each sector.

To each client who asks, I offer a consistent response: I bring a wealth of cross-sector insights, ensuring your brand doesn’t merely fit into a category but significantly distinguishes itself.

This adaptability has allowed me to create tailored solutions for varied challenges, leading to richer, more comprehensive strategies.

2. Rapid assimilation, adaptive intelligence

Raid Assimilation & Adaptive Intelligence

The evolving world of business and marketing doesn’t respect static boundaries. Each industry has its peculiar challenges, trends, and dynamics.

While specialization can sometimes limit one’s vision to a narrow field, my cross-sector experience has refined my ability to rapidly assimilate and adapt to diverse environments.

This adaptive intelligence ensures that I’m not restricted to a singular perspective. I can extract and juxtapose the most effective strategies from one sector and apply them innovatively to another, generating transformative results and fostering growth.

Over the years, this dynamic skill set has empowered me to build bridges where none existed, crafting truly ingenious solutions.

3. Insights drawn from diverse sectors

Insights From Everywhere

Every domain and every industry comes with its unique set of best practices, challenges, and success stories.

Through my extensive journey across various sectors, I’ve stitched together a rich tapestry of insights that embolden my approach to challenges. Where a specialist might see a wall, I often spot a door, drawing from experiences in seemingly unrelated fields.

This multi-industry exposure enriches my toolkit and ensures that the strategies I recommend are fresh and deeply resonant.

By weaving threads from different sectors into a unified approach, I ensure that your brand benefits from a multifaceted and robust strategy.

4. Hybrid solutions merge the best of all worlds

Hybrid solutions merge the best of all worlds

In our intricate and interconnected business world, the solutions that stand out often pull from diverse influences.

My cross-sector background positions me uniquely to craft these hybrid strategies — formulations that merge the finest elements from multiple worlds.

Such an approach ensures not only remarkable results but a distinct competitive advantage. By leveraging the collective strengths of multiple sectors, I create solutions that aren’t just innovative but redefine the paradigms of strategy and execution.

These hybrid solutions are often the key to unlocking potential in challenging scenarios, giving your brand an edge in the marketplace.

Actions to take today ... turn brand challenges into wins

Delve deeper into the tangible results of my unique approach by exploring my case studies and portfolio. Each piece is a testament to the harmony of experience, an unconventional mindset, and cross-sector adeptness.

If you’re eager to elevate your brand’s narrative and strategy, don’t hesitate to tap into my wealth of knowledge. Make it work wonders for you.

Take your brand's content marketing from run-of-the-mill to remarkable

Shobha Ponnappa

"As a Content/Brand Specialist, and SEO/UX Writer, I can help transform your brand's online presence. I can lift it with innovative ideas to take it to an enviable position. Let's collaborate to create a captivating brand story, engage your audience, boost your online visibility, and increase your ROI. Take the next step towards your brand content success and contact me today."

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