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Shobha Ponnappa


I can elevate your small or big brand’s unique differential and power in a world awash with sameness. It’s about being “unusual by strategy.”

Today brands need chutzpah, ambition, and audacity. If you’re ready to shatter the status quo, stand out, and achieve extraordinary brand results, I’m here to enable bold moves and innovation. With over 40+ years of experience in Advertising and Digital/Content Marketing, spanning 125 brands, I can create irresistible content. 


Boeing · Ford · Vivendi · Unilever · Glaxo SmithKline · HSBC · Credit Suisse · Wipro · Brooke Bond · Giorgio Armani · Mahindra & Mahindra · Apollo Hospitals · Sheraton Hotels · Orchid Pharma · Cadila Pharma · India Pistons · Kerala Tourism · Helpage International · Plan International · London Olympics 2012

... among several others

Brands I Elevate


The The Ultimate Guide to Unique Personal Brand Content Marketing

When you are the primary brand of your business, how can unusual brand content profile your personal credibility, expertise, and authority?


Product Brands

When your product brands are your money-spinners, how can unusual brand content help showcase and move them off the shelves faster?


Service Brands

When you’re offering services or solutions to your customers, how can unusual brand content get you greater visibility, reach, trust, and sales?


Company Brands

When your company is your brand, how can unusual brand content impact your stakeholders and competitors, and get you market dominance?


Purpose Brands

When your brand is driven by a purpose greater than itself, how can unusual brand content evangelize its transformative message to millions?


C-Suite Brands

When you’re a CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, or CMO of a business, how can unusual brand content help your thought-leadership shape industry opinion?

About Me

Shobha Ponnappa

“In a digital world overflowing with content, ‘usual’ gets overlooked. My four decades in brand strategy have taught me this – the unusual, when rooted in sound strategy, stands out and sticks in the mind. That’s why I commit to being ‘Unusual by Strategy’. It’s not just about being different; it’s about being different where it counts. For your brand, this means content that’s not just noticed, but remembered and acted upon.”

- Shobha Ponnappa

I have notched up 40+ years of experience in multinational Advertising & Digital Marketing. I worked with global agencies like Ogilvy, JWT, and Lowe Lintas. I also owned my own avant garde web innovations company, Avigna Technologies.

I have consulted in Digital Marketing for close to 125 brands of all sizes and nuances – including global megabrands as well as disruptive startups. My clients tell me it is rare to find someone like me who has the seasoned strengths in three areas – Content Strategy, Brand Building, and SEO/UX Writing.

To add to this is my personal mandate to bring the unusual into every piece of work I do to lift its competitive edge.

I also have an MBA in Marketing from The University of Wales UK, and I’m a SmartBlogger Certified Content Marketer.

From My Blog

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How To Position Your Brand Uniquely In A Crowded Market

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