This is a page where I want to say very less, and leave my clients and respected peers the space to say what they wish about my work.

All I can say is a big “Thank You” to those who gave me the opportunity to work on their best projects, and to those who encouraged and appreciated the words I wrote.

Clients and contemporaries alike play a pivotal role in affirming the uniqueness and effectiveness of my approach. The testimonials I receive from satisfied clients are more than just endorsements; they are a validation of my commitment to delivering the extraordinary.

Meanwhile, kudos from industry peers signify a broader acknowledgment of the innovative footprint I aim to leave in the branding world.

Every piece of positive feedback ignites a deeper passion within me to constantly challenge the conventional, leading me to craft even more ‘unusual by strategy’ solutions. Driven by this appreciation and acknowledgment, I am continually inspired to enhance and evolve, ensuring my clients’ brands shine distinctively amidst the digital noise.

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Meera Sharath Chandra

Meera Sharath Chandra

Founder CEO & CCO, Tigress Tigress & Different Stripes … an Integrated Marketing & Branding expert.

“Shobha Ponnappa was a major part of a core SEO content writing project for one of our larger clients. The content was targeted specifically at the C-suite and needed to be pitched at the right level in terms of tone and manner while keeping SEO imperatives and metrics in mind.  

As Founder-CEO of a digital-led integrated communications consultancy, specializing in niche branding and revenue stream creation, I chose her to provide not just the content writing but also her vast content marketing knowledge acquired from her past in multinational advertising and digital marketing.  

She wrote over 30 long-form blog posts for us that were geared for SEO and ranked well, bringing in good traffic. She also wrote the ebooks for the client’s library of free downloads tailored to their various audience sets and stakeholders.”

Samuel Schmitt

Samuel Schmitt

Avid SEO Blogger and Founder of thruuua SERP Analysis Tool … a veritable SEO Guru.

“Shobha Ponnappa is an excellent content writer. She understands how to write compelling content for her audience. She goes further with a rare skill. She knows how to combine content strategy with information architecture and organize blog articles into content hubs.”

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph

Helps amateur bloggers become professional bloggers. Creator and owner of Blogging From Paradise.

“Shobha is a highly skilled writer who pays great attention to detail with every piece of content she creates.” 

David Leohardt

David Leonhardt

Freelance Writer & Social Media Marketing Specialist – Owner of The Happy Guy Marketing

“I have worked with Shobha at various times over the years. She has always been an intelligent and professional strategist, focused on moving projects from conception to goals. Her understanding of both marketing and how words can be used to reach marketing goals has made her an asset in every project I have seen her work on. Her upbeat energy is just an added bonus!” 

Rob Powell

Rob Powell

Writer, Course Creator, SEO Expertand owner of RobPowellBizBlog.com

“Shobha is the most diligent student I’ve ever had in my SEO course – she asks questions and makes sure she understands everything. She is also an accomplished marketing expert with 40+ years of experience. She writes well and knows how to present information in a way that engages the reader. Her writing skills, coupled with her SEO smarts, make Shobha a highly effective online business writer. I have no hesitation in recommending Shobha Ponnappa for your writing project – you won’t be disappointed.” 

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