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Developing the Content Marketing Strategy and Writing SEO Content for different genres of brands is both an art and a science.

You have to unleash breakthrough ideas, set targeted goals, communicate in nuanced “brand speak”, and also get search engine ranking and results. All the secrets I’ve learned and used are here in my blog.

Content Marketing Ultimate Guide

Content Marketing: The Ultimate Guide For Brand Owners

Content marketing is not just the cheapest and smartest way to get loads of organic traffic, conversions, and sales online. It is the only way! It takes a bit of time to gain traction and momentum. But once the engine starts moving, there is nothing but success around every corner …

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Branding Ultimate guide

Branding: The Ultimate Guide For Brand Owners

Branding is one of the many concepts in marketing that we hear a lot about but is very elusive to define.   Brand owners may want to be seen as providing products with “unique desired value” … but, whether customers perceive that “unique desired value” is where a brand can succeed or fail.

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Person As A Brand

A Person As A Brand: How To Build Dominant Brand Value

Does a person have to become a brand if the person’s business has to succeed?  The truth is that all business owners already are brands reflecting some value to others. But, unless they consciously take control of their personal branding, their brands’ cues may not be what they want to be known for

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Keyword Research

How To Do Killer Keyword Research With Absolute Ease

Till long after I became a seasoned copywriter, I had terrible trouble with the most essential thing I needed to know: keyword research.  There were just too many keywords everywhere, and too many theories by too many experts. I threw it all out and began again with my “common sense” – and my life began to work!

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Amateur Blogger Mistakes

How to Easily Fix Those Vexing Amateur Blogger Mistakes

Many amateur bloggers ask me if blogging doesn’t work anymore … because they are blogging a lot but have yet to see any traffic or conversions.  As I keep telling them, it’s not blogging that’s not working, but amateur bloggers tend to make some poor decisions and elementary mistakes that are so easily fixable

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Blog For Business

How To Blog For Business And See Superb Brand Results

Blogging for brands is not just nice-to-have; it’s a need-to-have thing. Most entrepreneurs don’t quite get that.  This could be because they see a blog as an extension of their website. They may think, “When my web pages are doing all the selling, why do I need a blog?” And that’s where they go wrong!

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Measure Brand Authority

How To Measure Brand Authority For Performance Metrics

The idea of brand authority is so elusive that it’s sometimes hard to know how to measure it. One way to calculate brand authority is to look at the tactical results of brand content. But brand authority needs more strategic measurement. Indirect metrics may often be better to tell if a brand has authority.

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Build Brand Authority

How To Build Brand Authority As Your Sole Business Goal

Learn to build brand authority. It may surprise you that your business needs only this one goal to get going. The more you build on your brand authority, your 360° business success will automatically follow … like traffic, conversions, sales, revenues, profits, market leadership, and expansion opportunities …

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