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There are many parts to this Service Page … do make sure you read them all to get a complete picture of what I ca do for you, and how.

You need three things to work together to make your content fly …  breakthrough ideas, brilliant strategy, and successful execution. 


Not all projects assigned to me demand brand and content strategy. Some clients make their own strategic decisions and outsource just the writing work. Others need my help right from the top levels of brand planning and content strategy stage. So here are all parts of the process.

Brand planning comes before everything else

A brand is among the most precious assets a business can ever have. But brands must be built with care, consistency of approach, and coherence across communication formats.

A successful brand will deliver all the results you expect from a market leader:

  • High frequency of referred/repeat clients
  • High level of self-initiated potential clients
  • High conversions of prospects into customers
  • Fewer competitive attacks or bid situations
  • The ability to charge a premium pricing
  • Easier recruiting of top talent and consultants
  • Prolific word-of-mouth from influencers
  • Plentiful third-party recommendations

To get you these benefits, I drive brand planning through five major goals:

  1. Zeroing in on very sharply defined target audience segments
  2. Building a strong and unassailable reputation for the brand
  3. Creating deep resonance and relevance with target audiences
  4. Maintaining high visibility at maximum cost-efficiency
  5. Achieving a highly differentiated and dominant market position

The larger role of content strategy in business

I believe that an effective Content Marketing strategy must answer four key questions to deliver outstanding results. What is the brand positioning? How do we articulate the value proposition? How can content justify the business case? And what is the content mix that must go into the strategic plan?

Larger Content Strategy Role
  • Brand Positioning: What is your brand’s unique personality that differentiates it markedly from competition?
  • Value Proposition: How can your brand’s value to its audience be powered through unleashing a breakthough idea?
  • Business Case: What business goals does your brand’s Content Marketing need to achieve or surpass?
  • Strategic Plan: What content types, formats, channels, or tactics will help turbo-charge your brand’s performance metrics?

The 10 steps to my strategy development process

There are nine steps to my strategy development process, to be performed in the order laid out below. By the end of the process we would have a 360-degree strategic content plan.

Steps To Strategy Development
  • Audit your brand and all its existing content … this involves collecting all your existing content and analyzing data sets to fathom the actual state of your brand and the performance of your brand content.
  • Establish your new Content Marketing goals … this step includes the setting of long-term strategic goals as well as specific operational goals in your fresh marketing plan. All goals need to be coherent with the past as well as future-looking.
  • Determine the audiences you want to target … at this stage, all stakeholders need to be included when determining the audiences to target – including leads and prospects, fans and followers, influencers and opinion shapers.
  • Analyze the market and the competition … it helps to know who your competitors are, what their difference is, what their value proposition is to their target audiences, and where the gaps are that we can exploit.
  • Develop the content marketing tactical plan … here is where all the crucial decisions are made on content types, formats, channels, tactics, scheduling and so on. The idea is to use all the moving parts to create a coherent “omnichannel seamless experience”.
  • Look at innovation potential with Artificial Intelligence (AI) … it’s impossible these days not to look for big opportunities to use AI to break barriers to content marketing. Exploring the potential for a creative breakthrough with AI  is part of my repertoire.
  • Develop a robust content editorial calendar … this stage is less about stuffing the calendar with content ideas, and more about scheduling/creating content to support inflection points along the buyer’s journey.
  • Plan and execute top-notch content production … this is the stage where the rubber hits the road. All the best strategy in the world will be of no avail unless sterling executional excellence can delivers SEO rankings and customer delight.
  • Deploy and distribute content across channels … in a multiscreen world, a customer may like to consume content in a vraiety of ways through a variey of devices. How to make all the distributions modes work in tandem is the challenge.
  • Analyse content performance on key metrics … both qualitative and quantitative metrics need to set the benchmarks for performance evaluation of brand content campaigns. The thing to remember: as technology evolves, so do the metrics.

Types of content formats I can handle for you

Types Of Content Formats
  • Blog Posts
  • Website Pages
  • Magazine Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Email Copy
  • Newsletter Copy
  • Whitepapers
  • Ebooks /Guides
  • Podcast Scripts
  • Podcast Summaries
  • Video Scripts
  • Video Summaries
  • Case Studies
  • Product Pages
  • Social Media Posts
  • Slidedecks Copy
  • Landing Page Copy
  • Ad Copy
  • Sales Page Copy
  • Webinar Scripts
  • Personal Bios
  • Infographics Copy

Additional design work I can also undertake

Additonal Design Work Undertaken

Copywriting and design are synergistic areas of content. They have to work in tandem for content marketing to succeed. This is why I have a panel of diverse designers on call – whom I can draft into my content creation projects. 

I have designers who can create all of these types of supportive content:

  • Brand identity designers who also develop branding guidelines
  • Website designers who can plan, design, and build entire sites
  • Graphic designers to create original inline images for blog posts
  • Infographic designers who can turn content into riveting pieces

My project handling process, start to finish

My Project Handling Process

Every project – large or small – usually follows these six stages from start to completion:

1. The Entry & Briefing Stage

At the Entry & Briefing Stage, discussions are initiated with the client to see what the project requirements and goals are, and how best I can help with project, by deploying my repertoire of expertise and experience.

Preliminary materials and information are gathered and examined, to help arrive at an agreement on the exact requirements of the project. The goals for the project are agreed upon.

2. The Scoping & Pricing Stage

The next stage involves the scoping and pricing of the project. I can work on both models of project management – on a project-wise basis, or a monthly retainer basis, whichever suits the client.

The project is scoped. The project quote, along with the terms of the contract, are then presented to the client for approval. The quote will also indicate the advance payments required for commissioning the project as well as the phases/milestones completion schedule for payments thereafter.

3. The Commissioning and Execution Stage

The approved quote and contract will require to be signed by the client. The project gets commissioned after the payment of project advances as indicated on the quote.

As the project then gets executed, each phase/milestone completed will require sign-off and payments to be completed as scheduled. Iterations with the client during phases of work, and especially before every next phase/milestone phase are very useful.

4. The Completion and SignOffs Stage

After all phases/milestones of the project are completed a final signoff and clearance of all dues payments would be required from the client.

During the execution of the project, if the initial brief changes substantially, the project will require a re-costing and rescheduling plan to be signed afresh. At the end of a completed project, if the project needs to be extended or increased, or continued as an ongoing long-term assignment, a new contract needs to be created.

5. The Reviews & Updations Stage

Every project requires periodic reviews and updations, from time to time, on performance parameters. These can be costed separately as an adjunct maintenance activity, depending on the nature and frequency of reviewing and updating needed.

Historical optimization, apart from keeping content fresh and updated, is also a key SEO play. Making a few time-sensitive changes to content already published can help retain and even improve rankings and results.

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Give yourself truly big benefits.

Get my weekly newsletter packed with cutting edge brand content tips, tricks, tactics, techniques, and trends. I scour the Net for you.

Get a free download of my 93-page eBook “BRANDSPEAK” … on how to deploy content marketing for total brand domination.

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Just fill in the form to join my community … we have big and small brands for company. You’ll stay on the speedway to growth.