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Portfolio Sample 18 - Personal Bios


Personal bios are often needed when you have to introduce yourself to audiences at an event – an interview, a speaking engagement – or for inclusion in any piece of marketing communication. A bio also helps authors of literary work such a books or videos.

Most personal bios don’t contain images beyond a headshot, although some do allow for bigger images that add context to the personal details.

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Personal Bio For A Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Expert

Portfolio Item 18 - Personal Bios Example

MARTIN MERCK: Gulf War Veteran & PTSD Expert

Martin Merck was all but 22 years’ old when he was posted to action in the Gulf War of 1991. He returned home bodily and mentally scarred. He was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and it took him 12 years to finally be rid of it. He has spent his life ever since, using his war experiences to help other affected soldiers overcome PTSD.

As a war veteran himself, he knows all too well how post-traumatic stress can ruin soldiers’ lives and the lives of their families as well. So he now counsels families as well as the soldiers.

To add to his credentials and knowledge in this area of psychology, Martin has qualified himself with a Master’s in Counseling Psychology. He has also trained in therapeutic practices such as Somatic Experiencing, Relational Gestalt Therapy, and many others that have helped him.

He regularly publishes case studies in Psychology Today and other leading psychology journals .

Martin also spends his free time talking to children at schools about the long-term ill-effects of modern warfare, especially against the scourge of terrorism-related asymmetric warfare. He lives in Connecticut with his wife and three children.

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