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Press releases, unlike other content marketing, derive their format from journalism. Journalists are taught that any news article has to first answer the 4W & 1H questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. Only after that can they launch into the story details.

One other thing that separates press releases from any other content is “newsiness” or “innovation” as the fulcrum of the story. If there’s nothing “new” to talk about, a press release is not newsworthy.

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“Press Releases” serve as a cornerstone of public relations and are an invaluable asset for brands looking to get the word out about their latest products, services, or announcements.

A well-crafted press release can command attention from media outlets, resulting in greater visibility, potential media coverage, and subsequently, an uptick in consumer interest.

The objective is not just to inform but also to entice journalists to dig deeper into what your brand has to offer, acting as a catalyst for future in-depth features or interviews.

However, the art of writing an impactful press release comes with its own set of challenges. It demands a keen understanding of news value, clarity, and conciseness, all while maintaining a tone that is professional yet engaging.

Striking the right balance between providing enough information and not overwhelming the reader is critical. The text should answer the core questions of who, what, where, when, why, and how, but do so in a manner that is compelling and newsworthy.

Another challenge is ensuring that the press release aligns with the brand’s overall messaging and objectives. It’s essential to consider your target audience and tailor the release to appeal to the specific interests and needs of that demographic.

Remember, a press release isn’t just a factual document; it’s a strategic tool that can help shape public perception of your brand.

In today’s digital age, SEO considerations are also paramount when crafting press releases. Using relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and headlines can exponentially increase the visibility of your release online, driving more traffic to your website and potentially increasing sales.

Therefore, the modern press release must be a blend of traditional PR writing skills and digital marketing savvy.

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Press Release For A Joint Venture

Pres Release Sample Masthead

Contentico Inc.

Content Marketing Services


Jakarta, October 26, 2021

Launching “RE search”: Deep AI-Mined Content Writing Services

(A Contentico-ArtIntel Joint Venture)

Contentico Inc, the Content Marketing Services Agency headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, is happy to announce a Joint Venture with the leading French AI platform, ArtIntel, to offer Artificial Intelligence-led content creation services to the customers of both companies.

The new offering from the two companies will be named “REsearch” and enable a new option to customers who want to avail AI-mined deeply-researched content writing as an option to superficial research in human written content marketing.

The AI platform of ArtIntel researches several layers deeper into the Internet to cull more nuggets of information and data than humans could. It is able to find contextually related research from peer-reviewed research papers that content writers don’t normally include in their articles to support the points they make.

Using this previously undiscovered data, the writing services of Contentico could then provide extra angles to their content writing, adding in the new points of view mined by ArtIntel’s AI engine.

Where machine intelligence cannot rival humans, however, is in bringing brand values alive in blog posts and articles, which Contentico will offer.

The two companies have provided sample content to show how their AI-led research depth and brand-led writing services melded together can add greater value to readers of blog posts than ever before:

  1. 25 data-driven reasons why the fitness niche has become oversaturated and undervalued
  2. 7 deeply-researched keys to the success of solopreneur businesses in Knowledge Commerce
  3. Working From Home post Covid-19: what’s working and what’s not working for businesses

To quote Ben Cartwright, Founder-CEO of Contentico: ” Most articles online tend to regurgitate the same few pieces of research making even data-driven articles undifferentiated in their depth and breadth of content. We hope to offer a cutting edge to content online by using data to support our content that is mined by ArtIntel from hitherto undiscovered sources.”

About Contentico Inc:

Contentico Inc was established 5 years ago by Ben Cartwright, a content marketing expert. He built a remote team of 26 writers from across the world who handle big and small content writing services for companies. Contentico prides itself on being able to handle content writing with the professionalism of an agency – from content strategy to execution, and also including content promotion services. The company has built 6 different revenue streams from writing for different types of content, including blog posts, ebooks, whitepapers, webinar scripts, social posts, and video scripts.

About ArtIntel:

Based out of Montpelier in France, ArtIntel was set up in late 2021 after 2 years of research into Artificial Intelligence. The co-owners Jean-Paul Beauchesne and Herve Lamont have built their AI engine specific to mining research available online in scientific publications, which they hope will offer a competitive edge to content online. Nuggets of vital research, they believe, go unnoticed in scientific journals and publications that content writers do not have the time to delve into. The AI engine can go places where human eyes never have time to roam in the midst of their content-crushing.

For more information:

Susan Blakely, Media Coordinator, Contentico Inc.: (include phone number)

Adrienne Lavigne: Assistante Média, ArtIntel: (include phone number)

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