How To Create Listicles That Are Informative And Shareable

How To Create Listicles That Are Informative And Shareable

The battle for attention online has never been more challenging. Audiences crave content that is not only easy to digest but also enriching and actionable.

The key to unlocking this demand lies in crafting listicle content that balances educational value with the allure of easy shareability.

Achieving an equilibrium with listicle creation requires a strategy that blends traditional approaches with innovative tactics. It’s not just about presenting facts in a bullet-point format; it’s about weaving a narrative that captivates and educates, making your content a beacon for both regular followers and new audiences.

This blend of the familiar and the novel ensures your message not only resonates but also spreads far and wide.

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Why are listicles so successful as a content type for brand blogs?

Listicles have emerged as a powerhouse content type for brand blogs due to their highly digestible format and ability to engage a wide range of readers. This success can be attributed to several key factors. First, the structured format of listicles caters to the modern internet user’s preference for quick, accessible information, making complex topics easily understandable.

Additionally, the inherent organization of a listicle guides readers through content in a logical, step-by-step manner, which enhances comprehension and retention. Moreover, listicles lend themselves to a variety of topics, from how-to guides to best practices, making them versatile tools for brands to showcase expertise, share insights, or highlight products.

The format also encourages sharing on social media, as readers are more likely to share content that is straightforward and offers clear, immediate value.

Furthermore, the SEO benefits of listicles, including increased dwell time and lower bounce rates, contribute to their effectiveness in driving traffic and improving search engine rankings. All these elements combined make listicles an irresistible content format for brand blogs, striking the perfect balance between user engagement and informational value.

Proven and unusual ideas to create listicles that are of high value

To create listicles of high value, blending proven methodologies with unconventional ideas is not just a tactic; it’s a strategic necessity that sets apart impactful content in a saturated market. This approach, rooted in my “Unusual By Strategy” forte, leverages the familiarity and reliability of traditional methods while infusing the excitement and novelty of innovative ideas.

For instance, using data-driven insights and SEO best practices ensures your listicle reaches its intended audience, but incorporating interactive elements like quizzes or user-generated content within the list can dramatically increase engagement and shareability.

Similarly, while maintaining a clear, concise structure appeals to readers’ preferences for digestibility, weaving in storytelling elements or unexpected comparisons can captivate and hold their attention longer.

This blend of the conventional and the offbeat not only enhances the value of the content but also underlines a brand’s creative edge, making its message resonate more deeply with a diverse audience. By always including a mix of the time-tested and the unique, content creators can craft listicles that truly stand out.

8 significant steps to creating informative and shareable listicles

Leveraging my 40+ years’ experience as a Brand Content Strategist with a penchant for the unusual, I’ve combined time-tested approaches with unique twists to elevate the standard listicle. These ideas not only harness the power of structured, easily digestible content but also introduce elements that captivate and engage.

From incorporating interactive elements like polls and quizzes to weaving in storytelling techniques that bring each point to life, the strategies are designed to make content not just informative but irresistibly shareable. By integrating visual data representations and leveraging user-generated content, these tips ensure that each listicle stands out, making the most of both proven methods and innovative tactics to engage a broader audience.

How To Create Listicles That Are Informative And Shareable (Infographic)

1. Start with audience research

Diving deep into audience research lays the foundation for creating listicles that resonate deeply with readers, ensuring content is not only informative but also highly shareable. By understanding the specific interests, challenges, and questions of your target audience, content marketers can tailor their listicles to address these areas directly, thereby increasing relevance and engagement.

Imagine, for instance, a digital marketing firm analyzing forum discussions, social media trends, and keyword searches to pinpoint small business owners’ top concerns about online visibility. This insight could lead to a compelling listicle like “10 Cost-Effective SEO Strategies for Small Businesses,” directly addressing a critical audience need.

Such a focused approach ensures that the content strikes a chord with its intended readers, encouraging them to share it within their networks. This strategy not only boosts the listicle’s reach and impact but also cements the brand’s position as an authority in its niche, demonstrating a keen understanding of its audience’s needs and preferences.

This method of starting with audience research is a testament to the enduring power of tailored content marketing, where the value delivered is finely aligned with the audience’s demands.


  • Identify audience demographics: Gather data on the age, location, gender, and interests of your target audience to tailor your listicle topics to their preferences and needs, ensuring higher relevance and engagement.
  • Analyze social media trends: Use social media analytics tools to monitor trending topics, hashtags, and conversations within your target audience’s community, guiding the selection of listicle themes that are currently resonating.
  • Conduct keyword research: Utilize SEO tools to identify high-volume search terms related to your niche. This will inform the creation of listicles that answer the most searched questions, aligning with what your audience is actively seeking.
  • Engage in competitor analysis: Review the content your competitors are producing, especially those that generate high engagement. This can uncover gaps in their strategies or topics they haven’t covered, offering you a chance to fill these voids.
  • Solicit feedback directly: Reach out to your audience through surveys, social media polls, or direct conversations to ask what content they want to see. This direct feedback can guide the development of highly targeted and demanded listicles.
Unusual Idea


Consider the idea of “Reverse-Engineering Social Insights.” This unusual enhancement involves starting not just with traditional audience research but by diving into social media to uncover the questions and discussions that your audience might not directly express in search queries. This strategy entails analyzing comments, shares, and engagement on competitor posts, industry forums, and relevant social groups to identify hidden pain points or emerging trends.

Applying this to the example of a digital marketing firm focusing on small businesses, they could explore LinkedIn groups or Twitter threads where small business owners discuss their challenges. By identifying underrepresented topics like “Navigating Algorithm Changes on a Budget,” the firm could create a listicle directly addressing these nuanced concerns, making the content both informative and uniquely aligned with audience needs not yet saturated in existing content.

2. Choose a very captivating title

The power of a captivating title in content marketing cannot be overstated, as it serves as the first point of interaction with your audience, compelling them to click and read further. An effective title strikes a balance between intrigue and clarity, promising the reader valuable insights in a way that’s both engaging and direct.

For instance, a digital marketing agency aiming to attract small business owners might use a title like “7 Revolutionary Marketing Tactics Every Small Business Can Afford.” This title is compelling because it challenges common perceptions about the affordability of effective marketing strategies, promising unexpected value within.

It utilizes specific numbers to imply concise, actionable advice, and the adjective “Revolutionary” piques curiosity about the content’s innovation.

Such a title not only draws in the target audience with the promise of solving a common problem but also positions the listicle as a must-read resource, significantly enhancing the likelihood of shares and engagement across digital platforms.


  • Utilize power words: Incorporate emotionally charged or persuasive words that trigger curiosity or urgency, making the title more compelling and click-worthy.
  • Apply the number rule: Include numbers to suggest a clear, finite set of takeaways, which has been shown to increase click-through rates by offering tangible value upfront.
  • Pose a provocative question: Frame your title as a question that challenges common beliefs or addresses a common pain point, inviting readers to discover the answers within your listicle.
  • Employ the promise technique: Make a promise in your title that your listicle will fulfill, such as solving a problem or providing unique insights, ensuring it directly appeals to your target audience’s needs or interests.
  • Use specificity for relevance: Be specific about the topic, audience, or benefit in your title to immediately convey the value and relevance of your content to potential readers, enhancing the likelihood of engagement.
Unusual Idea


Consider the idea of “Intrigue Through Ambiguity.” This unusual enhancement involves crafting a title that deliberately plays with ambiguity to spark curiosity, while still remaining relevant to the content. By carefully selecting words that are open to interpretation, the title invites readers to explore the listicle for clarity, thus increasing click-through rates.

For example, applying this to the digital marketing agency aiming to attract small business owners, a title like “7 Unconventional Paths to Market Dominance No One Talks About” employs this technique. It suggests there are secrets to be revealed, which are not commonly discussed, promising exclusive knowledge. This approach not only captures attention but also sets the stage for content that delivers unique insights, making it more likely to be read and shared.

3. Focus on quality content lists

Ensuring the lists within your listicles are of high quality is crucial for engaging and retaining your audience’s attention. Quality content lists are meticulously researched, accurately detailed, and directly relevant to the reader’s interests or needs, providing real value that surpasses mere surface-level information.

For instance, a technology blog creating a listicle on “Top 10 Emerging Tech Trends in 2024” would not only list the trends but also delve into how each trend could potentially transform industries, include expert opinions, and present recent statistics or case studies to back up claims.

This approach not only educates the reader but also encourages deeper engagement with the content, prompting them to explore each point further.

By focusing on crafting lists that offer comprehensive insights, actionable tips, and thoughtful analysis, content marketers can ensure their listicles stand out in a crowded digital space, fostering trust with their audience and enhancing the shareability of their content.


  • Provide comprehensive insights: Ensure each item on your list offers in-depth analysis and actionable advice, moving beyond basic information to deliver real value and expertise on the topic.
  • Incorporate expert opinions: Include quotes or insights from industry leaders and experts within your lists, adding credibility and diverse perspectives to your content.
  • Use up-to-date statistics: Support your points with the latest research and statistics to validate your arguments and keep the content current and factual.
  • Embed case studies: Integrate relevant case studies or real-world examples to illustrate the practical application and impact of the items on your list, making the content more relatable and engaging.
  • Ensure accuracy and reliability: Thoroughly fact-check all the information in your list to maintain the trust of your audience and establish your content as a reliable source of information.
Unusual Idea


Consider the idea of “Narrative Infusion.” This unusual enhancement involves integrating storytelling elements into each item of your listicle, transforming standard points into compelling narratives. By doing so, you not only convey information but also evoke emotions and create a deeper connection with the reader. For the technology blog’s listicle on “Top 10 Emerging Tech Trends in 2024,” this could mean each trend is accompanied by a short, imaginative scenario illustrating its potential impact on daily life or business in the near future.

This approach not only makes the content more engaging and memorable but also helps readers visualize the practical implications of each trend, significantly enhancing the value and shareability of the listicle. Through Narrative Infusion, listicles become not just informative but also captivatingly relatable, setting them apart in a content-saturated digital landscape.

4. Make the listicle skimmable

Making listicles skimmable addresses the modern reader’s preference for quick, accessible content, enhancing both engagement and shareability. By structuring listicles with clear headlines, bullet points, and concise paragraphs, content marketers ensure that readers can easily grasp the main points at a glance, catering to those scanning for specific information or reading in-depth.

For example, a health and wellness site creating a listicle titled “15 Mindfulness Exercises for Stress Relief” might organize the content with bold subheadings for each exercise, accompanied by brief, engaging descriptions and simple step-by-step guides.

This layout allows readers to quickly find exercises that suit their needs or interests, increasing the likelihood of the content being read, used, and shared.

The approach of making listicles skimmable not only respects the reader’s time but also significantly boosts the content’s utility and appeal, crucial factors in a content strategy aimed at maximizing reach and impact in the digital space.


  • Use bold subheadings: Implement bold subheadings to clearly delineate each section or point within your listicle, allowing readers to easily navigate and scan for information that interests them most.
  • Employ bullet points: Break down complex information into bullet points for each list item, ensuring key details stand out and are digestible at a glance.
  • Keep paragraphs short: Write concise paragraphs under each subheading, limiting them to a few sentences to convey essential information without overwhelming the reader.
  • Highlight key takeaways: Use formatting features like italics or bold text to emphasize important facts or conclusions, making them catch the reader’s eye during a quick scan.
  • Incorporate summary boxes: At the end of each section or the entire listicle, include a brief summary box or takeaway points, offering a quick recap for those skimming through the content.
Unusual Idea


Consider the idea of “Interactive Summaries.” This unusual enhancement takes the concept of skimmability further by incorporating interactive elements that allow readers to engage with content summaries in a dynamic way. For instance, in the listicle “15 Mindfulness Exercises for Stress Relief,” each exercise could be accompanied by a short, interactive quiz or slider that lets readers rate their current stress level or select preferences, leading them to personalized summaries or recommendations within the listicle.

This not only makes the listicle more engaging and personalized but also encourages readers to interact with the content more deeply, even if they’re initially just skimming. By integrating Interactive Summaries, the listicle becomes not just a resource for quick consumption but a tool for active engagement, significantly enhancing its value and shareability.

5. Incorporate a visual medley

Incorporating a visual medley into listicles significantly enhances their appeal and shareability by catering to the diverse preferences of readers and making complex information more accessible.

Visuals such as high-quality images, infographics, charts, and videos can break up text-heavy content, making it more engaging and easier to digest. For example, a listicle titled “The Top 10 Innovations Transforming Healthcare in 2024” could feature infographics to summarize each innovation’s impact, videos of the technologies in action, and charts comparing the effectiveness of new treatments versus traditional methods.

This not only provides a richer, more immersive reading experience but also aids in the comprehension of sophisticated concepts, making the content more memorable.

By blending various types of visuals, content creators can appeal to visual learners and enhance the overall aesthetic of the listicle, encouraging readers to share the content across social platforms, thereby increasing its reach and impact.


  • Select high-quality images: Choose images that are clear, relevant, and high resolution to visually enhance each point in your listicle, ensuring they complement the content and maintain reader interest.
  • Create custom infographics: Design infographics that summarize complex information or data related to your listicle’s points, making it easier for readers to understand and retain the information.
  • Incorporate videos: Embed short, informative videos that demonstrate or elaborate on listicle items, providing a dynamic way for readers to engage with the content beyond text.
  • Use charts and graphs: Include charts and graphs to visually represent statistics, trends, or comparisons mentioned in your listicle, aiding in quick comprehension of quantitative data.
  • Integrate GIFs or animations: Utilize GIFs or animations for lighter topics or to add humor and personality to your listicle, making the content more enjoyable and shareable.
Unusual Idea


Consider the idea of “Interactive Visual Storytelling.” This unusual enhancement elevates the standard visual medley by integrating interactive elements into visuals such as infographics and videos, allowing readers to customize their viewing experience. For the “Top 10 Innovations Transforming Healthcare in 2024” listicle, this could mean embedding interactive infographics where readers can click through different components to get more detailed insights about each innovation or interactive timelines showing the development of these technologies over time.

Such an approach not only makes the listicle more engaging but also personalizes the reader’s journey, allowing them to dive deeper into areas of specific interest. By adding this layer of interactivity, the content becomes not just visually appealing but also a participatory experience, significantly boosting its value and shareability.

6. Optimize thoroughly for SEO

Thorough SEO optimization is essential for ensuring that your informative and shareable listicles reach the widest possible audience. This process involves meticulously researching and integrating relevant keywords throughout the title, headings, and body of your listicle to improve its visibility in search engine results.

Additionally, optimizing meta descriptions with engaging summaries and keywords can further enhance click-through rates. For instance, a listicle titled “10 Game-Changing Social Media Strategies for 2024” would include targeted keywords like “social media trends 2024” and “effective social media tactics” to capture the attention of marketers looking for the latest strategies.

Beyond keywords, ensuring your listicle is mobile-friendly and loads quickly across devices is crucial, as search engines favor websites that provide a good user experience.

By addressing these SEO elements, your content not only becomes more discoverable but also more likely to be shared, amplifying its reach and impact within your target audience.


  • Integrate targeted keywords: Identify and weave relevant, high-search-volume keywords throughout your listicle, including in the title, headings, and body, to enhance visibility in search engine results.
  • Optimize meta descriptions: Craft compelling meta descriptions that incorporate your primary keywords, offering a concise summary of the listicle to improve click-through rates from search results.
  • Ensure mobile responsiveness: Confirm that your listicle displays seamlessly across all devices, as mobile-friendliness is a critical factor in search engine rankings and user experience.
  • Improve page load speed: Optimize images and streamline code to reduce loading times, as faster pages are favored by search engines and reduce bounce rates from impatient visitors.
  • Use internal linking: Strategically link to relevant content within your site in your listicle to keep readers engaged longer, distribute page authority, and assist with site navigation, which can positively impact SEO rankings.
Unusual Idea


Consider the idea of “Semantic Enrichment.” This unusual enhancement goes beyond traditional keyword optimization by incorporating related terms and concepts that search engines use to understand the context of content. Semantic enrichment involves using natural language processing tools to identify and include synonyms, related terms, and entities that deepen the content’s relevance to a broader array of search queries.

For the listicle “10 Game-Changing Social Media Strategies for 2024,” this could mean adding sections that address related topics like “Influencer Marketing Evolution” or “Social Media Analytics Trends,” thereby capturing a wider spectrum of search intents. This strategy not only improves SEO performance by aligning with how search engines interpret user queries but also enriches the reader’s experience by providing comprehensive insights into the subject matter, enhancing both visibility and value.

7. Include a strong call-to-action

Including a strong call-to-action (CTA) is crucial in converting readers’ interest into tangible engagement, guiding them towards the next step in their journey with your brand.

A well-crafted CTA not only serves as a signpost, pointing out where to go next but also encapsulates the essence of what the reader stands to gain by taking that step. For instance, at the end of a listicle titled “10 Innovative Ways to Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency,” a compelling CTA might encourage readers to download a comprehensive guide on home energy savings or schedule a consultation for personalized energy-saving solutions.

This directive should be clear, persuasive, and relevant, seamlessly transitioning from the informative content of the listicle to an actionable opportunity.

By doing so, it leverages the trust and interest built through the listicle, transforming passive readers into active participants in a dialogue with your brand, thereby amplifying the impact of the content and enhancing its value in a strategic content marketing framework.


  • Craft a clear directive: Ensure your call-to-action (CTA) is straightforward and tells the reader exactly what action to take, whether it’s to subscribe, download a guide, or contact for more information.
  • Use action-oriented language: Employ verbs that inspire action, such as “Discover,” “Learn,” “Subscribe,” or “Join,” to motivate readers to take the next step.
  • Highlight the value proposition: Make it clear what benefit the reader will receive by taking the action, such as exclusive content, a free trial, or a solution to a problem.
  • Position strategically: Place your CTA in a prominent location within or at the end of the listicle, where it is most likely to catch the reader’s attention after they have engaged with your content.
  • Personalize the appeal: Tailor the CTA to the content of the listicle, ensuring it feels like a natural next step for the reader interested in the topic discussed.
Unusual Idea


Consider the idea of “Gamified Engagement.” This unusual enhancement involves transforming the standard call-to-action into an interactive, game-like experience to motivate readers to engage further. Instead of a straightforward “Download the Guide” button at the end of a listicle like “10 Innovative Ways to Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency,” you could introduce a short quiz related to the listicle’s content.

Based on their answers, readers are then directed to a customized guide or recommendation, making the CTA not just a directive but an engaging activity. This approach not only increases the likelihood of readers taking the desired action but also enhances their overall experience, making the content and its associated CTA memorable and shareable, thereby deepening the reader’s connection with the brand.

8. Promote your listicle on the Net

Promoting your listicle across the internet is a crucial step to ensuring it reaches and resonates with a broad audience, driving traffic and engagement to your content.

Effective promotion involves leveraging multiple channels, such as social media platforms, email newsletters, and content syndication networks, to distribute your listicle far and wide. For example, after publishing “10 Eco-Friendly Home Improvements That Save Money,” sharing the listicle on LinkedIn groups dedicated to sustainability, tweeting key points with relevant hashtags, and featuring it in your newsletter can significantly amplify its visibility.

Additionally, engaging with comments and discussions on these platforms not only boosts the listicle’s reach but also fosters a community around your brand.

Tailoring the message for each channel—highlighting the most compelling point or benefit for that audience—ensures the promotion resonates and encourages clicks. This multifaceted approach to promotion is essential for cutting through the noise and ensuring your valuable content captures the attention it deserves.


  • Utilize social media platforms: Share your listicle across various social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, using engaging captions and hashtags to increase visibility and encourage shares.
  • Engage in content syndication: Partner with popular content syndication platforms or blogs within your niche to repost your listicle, reaching new audiences and driving traffic back to your site.
  • Leverage email marketing: Include your listicle in your email newsletter as a featured article to draw in readers who are already interested in your content, providing direct links to encourage clicks.
  • Participate in online communities: Share your listicle in relevant online forums and communities, such as Reddit or Quora, where members are actively seeking information or solutions provided in your content.
  • Collaborate with influencers: Reach out to influencers in your field to review or share your listicle with their followers, leveraging their audience to increase your content’s reach and credibility.
Unusual Idea


Consider the idea of “Interactive Sharing Initiatives.” This unusual enhancement involves creating interactive elements within your listicle that encourage readers to share content in innovative ways. For instance, in the listicle “10 Eco-Friendly Home Improvements That Save Money,” you could embed shareable, personalized infographics or quizzes at the end of each section.

Readers can input their own data, like energy consumption or budget, to receive a custom graphic or result that summarizes how each tip applies to them, which they are then prompted to share on social media. This not only personalizes the reader’s experience but also turns them into active promoters of your content, leveraging their networks to exponentially increase the reach and impact of your listicle beyond traditional sharing mechanisms.

In summary

  1. Blending tradition with innovation: Successful listicles strike a balance between providing reliable, well-researched content and incorporating unique, engaging elements that differentiate them from the masses. This blend ensures that the content is both informative and irresistibly shareable.

  2. Engagement through visuals and interactivity: Incorporating a diverse array of visual content and interactive elements not only enhances the readability of listicles but also significantly boosts user engagement and retention, making the content more memorable and likely to be shared.

  3. Strategic promotion and SEO optimization: Effective promotion across various channels and thorough SEO optimization are crucial for maximizing the reach and visibility of listicles. Leveraging social media, email marketing, and influencer collaborations, combined with optimizing for relevant keywords and mobile responsiveness, ensures that the content reaches its intended audience and drives meaningful engagement.

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