Brand Relevance

What is Brand Relevance?

Read this definition by David Aaker, brand expert, before you proceed to the related posts below:

To be relevant to a category or subcategory a brand needs to have the credibility and visibility to be considered. In brand relevance competition the goal is to develop offerings so innovative that competitors are simply not relevant. In contrast, brand preference competition, where the goal is to be superior to other brands in an established category, is a context in which there is ongoing pressure on margins and profits.

Meera Sharath Chandra answers my quick interview


Meera Sharath Chandra is Founder CEO & CCO Tigress Tigress – a digital-led integrated communication agency. She is also an international award winner, jury member, keynote speaker and global task force consultant on mega brands. She has been a pro bono contributor to the WWF Save the Tiger initiative. She answers questions on integrated brand campaigns and success measures. … [Read more...]

Global brands need to set website goals differently

Global brands need to set website goals differently

Global brands need to review and revise their website goals and nuance their websites better if they aim to stay relevant geographically. This is irrespective of whether the brands going global are small brands with a single website, or are large brands with a complex web of individual sites for their many products and worldwide business units. … [Read more...]