Bring me a challenge and I’ll show you a breakthrough!

Shobha Ponnappa


You’ve come to the right place if you want a breakthrough strategy

Today’s socially-networked world is an environment of profound transparency, where brands are challenged to emotionally connect with their audiences like never before. To be successful in touching and engaging consumers, brands have to go to innovative lengths to connect with powerful , inspiring and BREAKTHROUGH storytelling that is enriching, authentic and enduring.

As a creative-techno-brand strategist, with over 35 years of “horizoneering” and “imagineering” experience, I consider it my mandate to help shape the brands I work on into a real and enduring source of business advantage.

I have worked with mega brands that are multinationals, as well as small, emergent and disruptive brands. I believe in becoming the champion of any brand I work on through dedicated brand-stewardship.

It is this penchant for creating “brand breakthroughs” that I bring into the various levels of consulting that I offer my client brands. I work with brand strategy, content marketing and social media strategy challenges … and I work for goals and results … wrapping it all up for you with an ongoing customer retention and loyalty strategy.


My holistic 4 x 4 consulting model below fires on all these 16 cylinders

Brand Strategy, Content Marketing, Social Media and ROI & Loyalty Consulting Matrix


There can be a BIG EXPLOSIVE IDEA for any level of challenge

In an ideal world, brand stories should be centered on a BIG BRAVE BREAKTHROUGH concept developed right at the brand strategy stage, and this idea should then become the core of the content marketing strategy and the social media strategy – in that order – to return the big-bang results that can catapult the brand into a whole different orbit.

Brands that are starting out or are willing to contemplate a complete revamp of their existing content and social strategies have a big advantage. Wherever possible I begin with the brand basics and make sure there is a HUGE and DIFFERENTIATED idea that galvanizes the brand strategy, and then its content marketing and its social media engagement.

But not all brands though have the luxury of being able to plan from scratch. Most brands have built some sort of legacy or the other. Maybe you’ve launched your brand directly into content marketing with a reasonably good idea, but the brand strategy itself was too weak to sustain the content strategy. Or maybe the content strategy was right and so was the brand strategy, but it all went haywire at the social media strategy level. Maybe everything was done right but the results are pitiful. COURSE-CORRECTIVE BIG BANG IDEAS too can give brands a surge towards stardom if there are ideas for renewed vigor and vibrancy at any stage.

I can help you with one, or more, or even all of these 16 areas of challenge above. Whichever of these areas I work with you on, I can show how to think innovatively, bust the clutter, implement some ingenious and aggressive strategies, and emerge triumphant with goal-achievement in your hands.


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