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Branding is the art and science of making your product or service represent some real and rare value to its target audiences. When you brand a product, you imbue it with a certain personality, traits, standards, and quality that resonates with its customers.

There are many angles to branding – like brand identity, brand authority, brand DNA, brand tone and stone, brand experience, brand purpose, and so on. To be successful at branding, you have to coherently shape all these brand concepts into a whole that reflects a differential value.

Also, remember, it’s not really your product you are branding. You are telling your customer, “Here is how wonderful you will hereafter be or feel after you’ve used this product.” You are branding the customer’s future-self to the customer.

Do brands grow well with time? Some age well like old wine. Those are the ones who are clear and firm on their principal values but express these values flexibly with every evolution of their target customers. Other brands with the anchor of clarity and core values, sway out of control with changing times. Eventually they dilute their promise and advantage – and don’t last to see the benefits of longevity and customer loyalty.

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Measuring Brand Authority

How To Measure Brand Authority: 8 Smart Performance Metrics

The idea of brand authority is so elusive that it’s sometimes hard to know how to measure it. One way to calculate brand authority is to look at the tactical results of brand content. But brand authority needs more strategic measurement. Indirect metrics may often be better to tell if a brand has authority.

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