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Person As A Brand
Brand Strategy Ultimate Guide

Brand Strategy: The Practical Guide For Brand Owners

There are two things most marketers get wrong with a brand strategy.  Both are errors of judgment. Focusing on short-term results is one such problem. The other issue is getting so rigid and possessive about your brand that you resist evolving with changing market conditions.

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Branding Ultimate guide

Branding: The Practical Guide For Brand Owners

Branding is one of the many concepts in marketing that we hear a lot about but is very elusive to define.   Brand owners may want to be seen as providing products with “unique desired value” … but, whether customers perceive that “unique desired value” is where a brand can succeed or fail.

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Personal Brands Ultimate Guide

Personal Brands: The Practical Guide For Brand Owners

Does a person have to become a brand if the person’s business has to succeed?  The truth is that all business owners already are brands reflecting some value to others. But, unless they consciously take control of their personal branding, their brands’ cues may not be what they want to be known for.

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