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Blogging has been around for years now as one of the best means of marketing communication for online busineses and brands. But just when you think blogging is no longer the vogue, you’d be surprised with the results of recent research.

No other communication format online has come within touching distance of blogging as a means to establish Google’s Big Three expectations of “Expertise, Authority, & Trustworthiness” (i.e., E-A-T).

This is probably because the written word has immense power. It has more power than spoken language or visual imagery. People explain. Authorities stamp their opinion in words. Written words also help enormously in content retention, even if it’s the habit of the reader to skim content.

And, to the creators of blog posts, there’s nothing to stop them from re-purposing blog posts into a host of other formats later – such as slide-decks, video scripts, podcast scripts, ebooks, social posts, infographics, and so on. A blog doesn’t only let you reach your target audiences via Google, but also in a variety of other ways for people who prefer other formats to blogs.

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Blogging For Brands

Blogging For Brands: 8 Big Results To Accomplish

Blogging for brands is not just nice-to-have; it’s a need-to-have thing. Most entrepreneurs don’t quite get that.  This could be because they see a blog as an extension of their website. They may think, “When my web pages are doing all the selling, why do I need a blog?” And that’s where they go wrong!

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