Newsletter dated November 1, 2012

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Shobha Ponnappa

Brand strategy futurized: tactics, techniques and trends Newsletter dated November 1, 2012

Hello friends!

It has been an exciting fortnight for me as I wrote my articles on several bleeding-edge trends and technologies invading the world of brands and digital marketing. I’ve covered some very innovative apps that use the Xbox format or Blippar Augmented Reality. I’ve also written about Facial Recognition technology and about Brand Voice for the social media. Hope you like these articles. As always, do drop by my site often and remember to give me your feedback.

Have a great day!

Updates on my latest articles …

L’Oreal creates a beauty app for the Microsoft Xbox 360
L’Oreal has broken into the male-dominated gaming space to create the first ever beauty app for the Microsoft Xbox 360. “The Next Level” is the name of the new female-centric app that will blur the lines between engagement, entertainment and customized beauty advice. …[Read more…]
Brand voice for the social media: how to get it right
Brand voice crafting for the social media is not as easy as just being “natural”. A lot of small and large companies are now putting serious thinking into it. They are spending time and money on getting policies, guidelines and training into place to get it just right. …[Read more…]
Facial recognition: is it good or bad news for brands?
Facial recognition technology became big news recently through Facebook’s adoption of it. But it also boomeranged spectacularly. In the final analysis, is it good or bad news for brands? And how have some brands experimented with it? …[Read more…]
Blippar augmented reality: how brands innovate with it!
Blippar is the super-exciting app that allows brands to literally pop to life in your hands. Just pointing your blippar-running mobile at a printed advertisement, a billboard, a product pack or a business card could start off a rich interactive multimedia brand experience running on your device! …[Read more…]

My book pick for the week …
The Augmented Reality Handbook –
Everything you need to know
about Augmented Reality
by James Kent

In easy to read chapters,
with extensive references and links,
you get to know all there is to
know about augmented reality right away.


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