Rand Fishkin: SEO maestro and social media addict

Rand Fishkin: SEO maestro and social media addict

Rand Fishkin is the CEO of the leading SEO software company SEOmoz. He has been named on PSBJ’s 40 Under 40 List and BusinessWeek’s 30 Best Tech Entrepreneurs Under 30. His “Whiteboard Friday” video tutorials are top on my “must-watch programs” list. Here is a collection of some of the best quotable quotes by Rand Fishkin, on his own blog and company website …

…on how Twitter and Facebook will expose new, meaningful data to brands

“Both social media services are woefully underserving their advertisers and marketers today, and I predict that for paying customers as well as account administrators, more substantial and robust options will be available on the data side. A great match for marketers would be tracking via the Facebook share / Twitter tweet buttons that maps to account info in the platform’s dashboard, e.g. 7,514 logged-in Twitter users visited this blog post of which 72 tweeted it. More data like sources of shares and click-tracking could add even more utility. A good example might be what FourSquare’s doing with their dashboards for businesses … Twitter in particular could benefit hugely from this, while Facebook is already close(ish) with their admin portal. That said, I think it’s unlikely we’ll see Facebook follow as FourSquare has and share full names of users who visit.”
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…on where creativity comes from

“This weekend I watched some videos on the site Everything Is A Remix that changed my preconceptions about what it means to be creative, what an inventor is, and how brilliant new ideas come to be. Much like Simon Sinek’s talk on Getting to Why, this video has the potential to be a touchstone for many of us who operate in the fields of marketing and technology. Some of my big takeaways after watching include:

– What we currently think of as “original” may not even exist.
– Feeling guilt for creating derivatives from the works of others is foolish.
– Studying the works of others may be a great path to creativity.
– I need to experiment with mashing things up more.
– Viewing derivatives next to their sources has the weird, undeserved effect of tarnishing their artistic contribution. That’s probably a big part of what needs to change in my mind to get to a place of acceptance and understanding about how creativity happens.
– No matter what we create, we need to remember that the vast majority of the credit almost always belongs to those who created before us – internalizing that should make humility more achievable too.
– Steve Jobs was a total asshole of a hypocrite (in addition to being the least philanthropic person of his wealth class in a generation), and I hope fewer entrepreneurs consider him a role model over time.”
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… on why every company needs a marketing-focused webdev team

“This should come as no surprise. Engineering and webdev resources are, along with web marketers, the biggest scarcest and hardest to hire for web-based businesses. We need to build stuff faster and we need to reach more people. If you want the time of the engineering team, you need to wait in line, and marketing projects often get last billing on lengthy to-do lists, not just because of prioritization by management, but because it’s often not what software engineers signed up to work on. Thankfully, there’s a solution. A specific engineering/webdev team (even if it’s just one person) devoted to the marketing functions of the website has some of the highest ROI you’ll ever encounter in the business world. If you build an exclusive function dedicated to this practice, everything you do to attract and retain customers will improve, and all those projects you know you should have invested in will get the time they deserve.”
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…on whether more retweets lead to more Twitter followers

“Thing is, I’ve been getting very suspicious about this connection lately, so I decided to look at my most retweeted tweets over the last two months and compare it to the Wonk chart. The results seem pretty clear. At least for the past 60 days, there appears to be virtually no connection between days of high follower growth and days of highly retweeted tweets. Perhaps shockingly, during some of those spikes, there are days when I’ve barely sent any tweets at all! The social media marketer in me is ready to pull his hair out with puzzling frustration. In fact, the only day I can connect to any specific event is August 28th, when I spoke in front of several thousand marketers at Hubspot’s Inbound conference. That likely resulted in a higher than normal follower growth, but the other high growth rate days (August 20th, 22nd and 31st, September 10th and 21st, and October 3rd, 4th and 11th) don’t have any remarkable events to which I can connect them. Moreover, the days when I experienced very strong retweets are actually among the lower follower growth rate days. My takeaway from this highly unscientific, tiny sample size study is A) I really need to stop assuming I know what correlates with growing a Twitter account and B) I need more data. I haven’t been able to find a study that shows what metrics/activities correlate well to high growth rates of Twitter followers (nor Facebook fans/likes, nor Google+ encirclers).”
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Rand Fishkin: SEO maestro and social media addict
Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz ... here is a collection of some of the best quotable quotes by him, on his own blog and company website ...

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