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Google’s child-friendly ideas should excite kids’ brands!


Google’s child-friendly versions of Search, Gmail, and YouTube (for kids below 13 years) are on the way. Maybe countless young children are already "unofficially" hooked on Gmail, Search and YouTube, but with new legit child-friendly versions of Google products, the opportunities for kids’ brands should be exciting. … [Read more...]

Customer journey mapping: routes to brand experience!


Customer journey mapping has become so complicated that it’s the #1 item that creates paralysis in brand experience planning teams. But, in this age of integrated brand campaigns amidst the complex social media, if you get customer journey mapping right, it’s nine-tenths of the game achieved! … [Read more...]

Multi-screen consumers: the challenge for brand building!


Multi-screen consumers are an increasing bugbear for brands. Consumers already look at screens on smartphones, tablets, laptops, television and billboards – and soon we're going to have numerous “wearable screens” like the Apple Watch. How can brands build cross-screen campaigns in such a world? … [Read more...]

Social Customer Service is getting more demanding!


Social Customer Service is no child’s play. More and more customers say they are moving to social media, because they’ve had trouble getting responsive customer service on other channels. Many customers now believe if they complain on public forums your brand will likely respond faster. … [Read more...]

Brands and consumers: who really belongs to whom?

Brands and consumers: who really belongs to whom?

Brands and consumers. For years, this tumultuous relationship has been the subject of heated debate and has been an advertiser’s daily dilemma. Now it is time to ask that vital question. Do consumers belong to brands - or must brands belong to consumers first? … [Read more...]