Blippar augmented reality: how brands innovate with it!

Blippar augmented reality: how brands innovate with it!

Blippar is the super-exciting app that allows brands to literally pop to life in your hands. Just pointing your blippar-running mobile at a printed advertisement, a billboard, a product pack or a business card could start off a rich interactive multimedia brand experience running on your device!

For those as yet uninitiated, the new and extremely interesting app “Blippar” is a product of an award-winning British advertising experiences start-up, which uses image recognition to bring ads to life. What does that actually mean? This is how Blippar explains it: “It is a mobile augmented reality platform which enables you to make physical products and items an interactive experience simply by pointing a phone at it.”

For example, let’s say you’re reading a newspaper and you happen to see an ad for the Microsoft Xbox. You just run the Blippar app on your mobile phone, and then point your phone’s camera at the ad … and presto, your phone will whoosh you over to a designated site online, where it will show you an augmented reality 3D animation of maybe an Xbox game coming to life on your mobile. The “enlivening show” may also feature a product trailer or let you do something else very engaging that you didn’t expect.

Blippar ads can appear in print, on building walls, small and large outdoor billboards … in fact pretty much anywhere you can imagine. Recently the advertising agency JWT has created business cards for its staff, which when “blipped” run a show reel of the agency’s best work on your mobile phone!

Blippar, the company, was launched in the summer of 2011, but their product is so exciting and easy to use that they have already attracted the interest of huge brands that are innovating with the app. The company has also made news by securing venture capital from chip makers Qualcomm.

Jess Butcher, CMO and founding director at the company says: “We don’t consider ourselves a technology company. We now consider ourselves a marketing and content medium. We take the tech as read.”

Since the concept needs a lot of client education Blippar’s website is packed with explanations, advice, examples and encouragement for brands to adopt the idea and begin experimenting with it. The company is eager to emphasize that it needs everyone to know how to blip, what’s blippable, and to make news when they’ve blipped. In short, they are hoping their product will “become a verb” and “blipping” will become a “widely used behavior”.

Most smartphones are capable of running the Blippar app (except the Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices). But when something like Google’s project glass is launched for consumers, the greater will be the impact of apps like Blippar.

Jess Butcher adds: “Going forward the app is just the way to get the behavior on the device, because right now the device is the thing in everyone’s pocket. Going forward it could be glasses, it could be in windscreens. We’re open.”

I’ve picked and presented below my favorite ten megabrands that have already started “blipping” very innovatively. Look at their videos to see how Blippar is making waves …


Cadbury Spots v Stripes launches the world’s first augmented reality game that can be played off its packaging using Blippar’s image recognition technology.

Walkers Crisps

Get your weather report for the day from your bag of Walkers Crisps and decide on your travel plans.


Get the opportunity to decorate your pint of Guinness with festive ornaments using augmented reality and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter (a Christmas idea).

Nestle Shreddies

Nestle Shreddies’ ‘Knitting Nanas’ come to life in augmented reality and offer their wisdom straight from the cereal box.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media’s customer magazine integrates Blippar, and gives readers exclusive video, gaming, film and TV content using their mobile phone.


Heinz Tomato Ketchup ads bring up a delightful recipe book using augmented reality enabled by Blippar.


See the new Ford Focus ST in action thanks to Blippar. Watch it tackle the race track, explore the car’s interiors and range of colours and see it feature in the Sweeny movie!


The Disney Parks augmented reality billboard experience is making waves across Times Square in New York.


Blippar is making Domino’s outdoor posters come to life, while also advertising their latest cut-price deals.

Jameson Irish Whiskey

A huge Blippar activation in Australia has helped launch their drinks using an interctive game-like environment.



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Blippar augmented reality: how brands innovate with it!
Blippar is an exciting app that brings brands to life. Just point your mobie at an ad, a pack or a billboard for an interactive experience!

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